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Batteries and the environment

Millions of batteries are used in households each year to power everyday appliances such as remote controls, toys and digital cameras. Due to their small size it's very easy to throw your used batteries in the bin, but it's more important to collect them for recycling to help protect our environment.


Batteries contain harmful substances that could pose a threat to your health and the environment if not managed in a responsible manner. Some of the metals in batteries can be processed for use again in industry including battery manufacturing, and in this way we can help conserve our natural resources.


So please recycle your batteries, and help protect the environment. 



We care about the environment - for a cleaner future

All our products are committed to confirm with the European RoHS directive, since July 2006. RoHS was initiated by the European Union to reduce the amount of environmental hazardous materials.

Buying a replacement battery for your device helps the environment. This way you are actively reducing the amount of waste produced each day.

When disposing your battery it should never be with your regular litter, always make sure to hand over your old batteries to the appropriate Waste Management Centre!



For more information on batteries and recycling visit these websites: 

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